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It's the repsonsibility of all of us
to live not just for today but for future generations by making the world we live in today a better place for all.
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Take your elec-
tronics to them
and they will pay
you cash or store
credit or donate.
  The Eco Friendly Printer
and partnering companies
are armed with high
standard enviro
certifications such as
FSC and ISO and have
been recognized by the
industry as some of the
most reputable and
dedicated specialists in
friendly printing.

SpinGreen is committed to
creating the biggest impact
possible by donating a large
portion of clothes that they
collect to charity and
recycling the unwearable,
badly stained, ripped, torn
or otherwise deemed as
garbage clothes into new
repurposed products.

  We believe that a well-
designed product can make
life more interesting, and
that making the world a
better place is everyone's
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