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It's the repsonsibility of all of us
to live not just for today but for future generations by making the world we live in today a better place for all.
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Go Green with HealthyMe.us

GoGreen with HealthyMe.us- We currrently need volutneers to do research to get the site up and running to full capactity. You'll be helping to create a site to make it easier for others to find ways of saving money and helping the environment. Once the site is fully up and running we will have a profit side to the site and will hire our volunteers first.

WorldWideConcerns.org - We need volunteers, Investors & Donors in the same way as Go Green with HealthyMe.us please check out our site. We hope you participate in helping us resolve issues of your Town, City, State, Region, Nation and Internationally. When you go to the site read the About US, Volunteering, & Donor/ Investor Links.

AdrenalhighAthleics.com - Trainers, Nutritionists, Masseuses & all other health providers we are looking to either hire or create referral relationships with you or list you on our websites.

OrganoGold - This company sells Gourmet, Organic Coffee, tea & hot chocolate with healthy herbs infused to the coffee. You can join and purchase at wholesale prices than sell it at retail.

eCosway Chinatown in NY offers international opportunities for freelance sales reps. They are looking for people like you to join their sales force and even to open up stores.

If you are interested in working in a team environment & also having independance to determine your own work schedule with opportunities to advance in supervising & / or managing they have great opportunities for you.

They will give you on the job training by their network of professionals who will tutor you and guide you to be as successful as possible.

You will initially be placed in positions that suite your experience, education and interest. However they assure you they will push you to lean, advance and succeed.

Tthey have weekly physical team meetings as well as webinairs so you can grow to surpass your current potential.

If you are just out of high school or have masters degrees & years of experience they have opportunities to match your skills.

To be considered email your resume to: Contact Us

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