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It's the repsonsibility of all of us
to live not just for today but for future generations by making the world we live in today a better place for all.
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Advertising With Us
We need all kinds of nonprofit, charitable, B Corp, Health Oriented & Pro Nature companies to enlist and advertise with us.

If you advertise with us you will gain the following benefits.

  • There is currently no charge for us posting your company / services on our site.
  • Clinking on your image will bring people right to your website.
  • Weekly no matter where your placement is on our site we will randomly select to place your company / service as a spotlight position on the top of the main page larger than the others below.
  • If you are the chosen spotlight for the week we will advertise you via our social networks for the entire week.
  • If you provide us a video we will by your request place your video as the spotlight when you are chosen.
  • We will be aggressively applying to all search engines thus your exposure will be increased exponentially.
  • We will upon your request list you as an affiliate to our other websites found at www.healthyme.us


To be advertised on our site please send a high quality .jpg or .png or .gif image of your company logo and a short text introduction and website address to.

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