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It's the repsonsibility of all of us
to live not just for today but for future generations by making the world we live in today a better place for all.
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About Us

Going Green with Healthyme.us will bring to you companies & services that are healthy for all man kind & nature. Our intention is to find every pro-health & pro-nature company so you can easily find your best options all in one place. We intend to help assure that we all move forward into a future where our world can sustain us indefinitely so we will all live happier healthier lives.

The founder. Robert Popolow has spent his entire life trying to help others & nature with fitness training, health coaching, volunteer work, lobbying for pro-animal & pro-nature causes, introducing others to the beauty of nature through guiding them on outdoor adventures and much much more...

The foundation of the concept he is working towards is to integrate the most needed aspects of maintaining a world where the balance between nature and humanity is of highest priority. The foundation he lives by is that the lives we live today are just as important as the lives that others will deserve to exist in for future generations.

The 5 areas of focus will be:

  • Healthy Products & services through healthy, organic, holistic & nature conscious directed companies:
  • Health & Longevity through affordable fitness training and health & life stress coaching:
  • Resolving Local, Regional, National & International Concerns through:
  • Creating Employment, On the Job Training, Advancement through dedication incentives & Team Support Concept Opportunities within all of the above ventures.

We hope you join us in any capacity you desire.

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